Every project will include:

  • An initial chat about your brand – who you are and what you do. Let’s get to know each other!

  • A style discussion – moodboards on Pinterest are used to help create a visual language and help us establish a brief together.

  • Once we’ve created a brief we can begin to plan the shoot from the elements listed below. 

Portrait sessions

This will not be a badly cropped headshot to accompany your name at the bottom of the ‘About Us’ page. We’ll decide on a meaningful location beforehand and then create a selection of portraits that you can weave into the very heart of your brand.

Promo Film

Promotional film – or B-roll as many YouTube-ers call it – is one of the best ways to demonstrate your craft, to show off your style and technique, and to understand in a short time how your process works. Video is one of the most effective content formats online, sure to make you memorable in a crowded online world. 

Workplace shoot

Whether it’s your home office, a coffee shop, a factory or workshop, a workplace shoot is a great place to show your skill and capture you doing what you do best. If you show your customers the process and work that goes into what you do, they’re more likely to invest in you and your product.

Social content creation

Every business is different, but being engaging on social media is essential for everyone. Using generic or staged stock photos isn’t going to cut through the noise in this competitive world. Let’s create some authentic photo and video content to tell your brand story across multiple channels, with a consistent, stylish, and ownable visual identity, to use for weeks or months to come. 

Product photography

This is all about showcasing your efforts and hard work. From a beautifully brewed coffee to a newly designed fashion line, every product tells a story. Whatever you produce, make, or create, we’ll capture your greatest accomplishments.

Event coverage

We capture events in a relaxed, natural way, recording moments as they happen with no forced interaction or awkward poses. We capture the natural atmosphere of the event, and can even take portrait shots of attendees if that’s your thing.

Get in touch to discuss your bespoke package of elements.

Prices start from £65.00

Get in TOuch

It starts with a conversation. 

Creating brand imagery that you can relate to is priority number one. Working together, we’ll decide on a style you’re comfortable incorporating into your business and proud to take into the world.

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