Photography and video content for your website and social media.

More than anything in this confusing digital age, people want transparency. People are switching off at generic, stock library facades, and choosing smaller businesses with real people at their hearts.

Owning a collection of authentic, stylish content that you can be proud of will not only enhance your business’ appearance, it will also change how you feel about yourself and the way you work.


We break our work into three main areas.

the person. the place. the product.


Portrait photography for small businesses has evolved from more formal headshots, to what is now called personal branding photography – a collection of photos that does away with the formalities of the corporate world and allows a more natural vision of your business to shine through. Showcase the talent behind the work and let people see the that you’re not just another stock library face.

THE Place

People have seen your face, they like your face, because… well, why wouldn’t they? So now it’s time to show them what you do and where you do it. A work place shoot is a great way to let people see your process. Whether it’s you at your laptop, a carpenter in their workshop or a dancer in their studio – allow your audience a glimpse into your process, helping them better understand why your work is notch above the rest.


If you’re selling online, how do you make your product stand out from the competition? There’s little point having the tastiest homemade brownies, most intricate handmade jewellery or most delicious handcrafted cocktails, if your visitors can’t see that quality shining through. Your vision for your brand is unique to you, which is why it’s good to work together to create a visual language that suits you, your brand and your product.

CREATE YOUR OWN stock imagery